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IP Solyn is an International Intellectual Property service company which founded in 2011. Our main service areas inclduing trademark law, copyright law, and patent law. To be specifically, we provide International Trademark Research, Trademark Registration, Trademark Objection, Trademark Renew, Trademark infringement, etc. We also serve clients with International Copyright Registration, Copyright Assignment, License and Copyright Infringement. In addition, for the clients who want to apply patent around the world, we can help to do research, write application documents, pay the governmental fees, file the objection and invalidity application. Furthermore, if you want to expand your business oversea, we can help you to make Intellectual Protection Strategy and avoid potential Intellectual Property Litigation.

In the post decade, we successfully helped thousands of clients to register their ideal marks, to cancel those marks did not use in the continuous three years. In 2015, we accepted a complicated case to win a mark registration, through half year litigation, we help our clients get the registration successfully. Last year, our client received several registration objections from World Fortune Global 500, we helped the client to do research, develop the reply strategy, draft the reply documents, and finally get the positive results about those objections. In the past decade, we successfully helped clients finished hundreds of trademarks and copyright transfer, license due to company merger.

Nowadays, more and more people, company using social medio for advocating their business, or creations, to protect your business and creations have becoming more and more important than ever before, we explore more protection strategies for common people and entity to protect the business and creation on social medio.

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We joined the World Mark Sociation Meeting to know the world IP protection direction, and to learn the best experience from the world Leading Organizations, College, and Teams.

If you want to know IP protection, or you want to register trademark, copyright, or patent in any country in the world, welcome to contact us at any time. We will be here, always.