Part one: Copyright service includes:

1.Registration in China, US, EU countries and Asia countries please provide the following information for registration:
1)  author’s name
2)  country or region (nationality)
3)  where do you live
4)  what kinds of works (literature/artistic work/ photographic work/ movie/ music/ others)
5)  when did you finish it (year)
6)  where did you finish it (country)
7)  your work has published or not
8)  if it was published, when did you publish it
9)  where (which country) did you publish it
10)  which country you are seeking to protect your works
11)  do you have registration certificate?

2. Copyright assignment & license
1)  conducting potential infringement research and analyzing the risk
2)  preparing and participating copyright assignment & license negotiaiotn
3)  preparing and drafting assignment & license agreements
4)  providing copyright protection strategy

Part two: Common questions about copyright protection:

Is it necessary to register a copyright?

General answer is no. Once you finished the work, your work will be protected by the Copyright Law automatically. However, in some countries, registration of copyright is a necessary to file the infringement case at the court, such as U.S.

What are the benefits for filing copyright registration?

It is a proof of the ownership of the work.
It gives the public a notice about the work.
It is a proof to prove the creativity in some situations.

Is it expensive to register a copyright?

It depends, generally, the official fees are not expensive, but you need to pay attorney fees. Different from TM, you do not need to renew it during the valid time.

Where do I go to register the copyright?

Your original country, the country you lived, the country you will publish, sell, or license the work etc.

How long do I finish a registration?

Generally, more or less than 2-3 months if the materials/documents do not have formality problems.

Can I get a certificate when I finish the registration?

Generally, yes. The Copyright Office will issue a copyright certificate for you, which including the basic information of your work, such as the name of the work, the author’ name & address, the date you finished the work, the publish date, etc.

How long my work will be protected?

It depends. For example, China protects the copyright rights for the whole life of the author and 50 years after the author’death.EU and U.S. protects author’s whole life and 70 years after the author’s death.

If the work was finished during my employment, can I claim I am the author and claim all the copyright?

It depends, if the work is Work Made For Hire, and there is an agreement for the ownership of the work, the work could belong to the employer. If the employment conditions are not satisfied, and there is no agreement about who will have the ownership of the work, you may be get the ownership of the work.

When I left the employer, can the employer continue to use the work if I have the ownership?

Generally, yes, there will be an implied license for the employer to use the work.

If I finish the work with others, do we have the same right to the work?

It depends, if there is a joint work, all the creators will be authors. Generally, the author enjoys the equal right of the copyright, such as use the work, license the work, and equally share the license fees. But in some countries, the rights may be assigned not equally, such as UK. It assigns according to how much contribution you made for the work.