Part One: Introduction of EU Trademark Protection

There are three ways to register EU trademarks: register a Europe Trademark at European Union Intellectual Property Office Located in Spain (EUTM); Madrid trademark registration; and member state registration. Our service including: registration, objection, preparation legal documents, replying to government office actions, cancelling, infringement, and enforcement.

1) EUTM registration

2) Madrid registration

3) Member state registration 

Part Two: Common questions about registering a trademark in EU

Registration of TM in European Union (EU), do I have protection in other EU member countries?

When you register a trademark in EU, you can get protection from the member countries of the EU. 

What are the advantages to register an EU TM compared to register in single country?

You can save time and money

You can get protection from EU not limited in the single country of EU. 

What are the types of TM that can be registered in the EU?

Distinctiveness, for example: names, words, sounds, slogans, devices, colors, 3D shapes, motions, holograms, and trade-dress. 

What types of TM that cannot be registered in the EU?

Marks that do not meet the standards of moral and contrary to public order

Common and broad terms

Names, flags, symbols of nation, states, international organization

Marks that lack distinctiveness 

Does Nice Classification is used in EU application?

Yes, it does. 

Do I need to sign a Power of Attorney?

No, the Power of Attorney is no longer required. 

What is the procedure to apply an EU trademark?

Examination of the formalities of the application, classification, deceptiveness, clarity, distinctiveness, descriptiveness.

If the examination passed, the application will be published online

During the publishment period, third party may file opposition to object the registration. 

What do I need to do to sustain the TM?

You must use the TM in commerce in 5 years from the date it was registered. 

How many years the TM will be valid?

10 years, and you can renew it. 

Is it legal to use the TM if it is not registered in EU?

Yes, it is legal to use the TM even if it is not registered.