Part one: Madrid Registration Service includes:

1.Trademark registration in the Office of origin, such as China Trademark Office, U.S. Trademark Office, EU Trademark Office, etc.

2.Preparing all legal documents for Filing Madrid registration application

3.Filing the application

4.Answering WIPO office actions

5.Filing objection/opposition & replying to objection/opposition

6.Filing cancellation/ replying to cancellation

7.Changing the applicant/register information, such as address, name, etc.

8.Renewing the trademark

Part two: Common questions about Madrid Application:

What are advantages of Madrid Application?

Convenient: you can file a single application in one language and pay one set of fees to apply for TM in multiple countries or regions. You can also expand your protection to other territories through a centralized system.

Cost saving: you can file one application, rather than a bundle of national application to get registration in lots of countries. You do not have to pay money for the translation or hire representative in different territories.

Priority: The priority day will be commenced on the date you file the application at the original country.

How many members does Madrid Application System include?

The Madrid Union currently has 113 members, covering 129 countries. It represented 80% of world trade.

What is the procedure to file the application through Madrid Application System?

a. Filing application at your Office of origin. For example, if you are from China, either company or person, filing application at CTO first.

b. Through your Office of origin to apply Madrid Application. The WIPO will check your international trademark application to decide whether they have the formal requirements such as the contact information, designation of at least on Madrid System member, payment of fees, etc. If the formal requirements don’t satisfy, WIPO examination office will send the application back to the Office of origin to correct it.

c. After examination, WIPO will register the mark in International Register, publish it in the WIPO Gazette International Marks, and send the Certificate of Registration to you. At the same time, WIPO will notify the designated members.

d. Substantive examination: The Office of each designated member will examine the application substantively. Generally, the Designated member Office will finish the examination in 12 months, some cases maybe 18 moths from the date on which WIPO notifies them. 

How much does an international trademark registration cost?

A basic fee (653 Swiss France; or 903 Swiss Francs for a mark in color).

A least-developed country can get a 90& reduction.

Additional fee depending on which country do you want to protect your mark and how many classes of goods and services you want to register.

To expand the geographical coverage of modify or renew the international registration, you need to pay additional fees too.

What information you need to provide to apply of international trademark registration?

● Applicant information: name & address; e-mail address & telephone number; nationality of legal nature and State of organization.

● If the applicant is a natural person, providing the information of nationality of the applicant.

● If the applicant is a legal entity, providing both the legal nature of the legal entity and State and where applicable territorial unit within that States, under the law of which the said legal entity has been organized.

● Preferred language: English; French or Spanish

● Alternative address and e-mail address for correspondence

● Basic application information: application number & registration number; application date & registration date

● Priority claimed

● The mark

● Good & services

● Designated countries